Welcome to Alisal Ranch

As we head into 2023, many of us are looking forward to the travel that a new year brings. Time to relax, replenish and revive our spirit is key to maintaining a healthy mindset for everything else the world throws our way. In that vein, our very own co-founder, Jen Menchaca, has a recommendation for your next trip - Alisal Ranch in Santa Ynez Valley of California.

Alisal Ranch

"This whole trip came about after I met the buyer for the Mercantile at one of our markets. They were looking to create a capsule collection to retail on the ranch (which is available now) and after seeing photos, I quickly realized it would be a gorgeous place to do our next photo shoot. I am obsessed with the new cowboy chic vibe we're currently seeing in fashion - all the way down to my love of the Yellowstone series and my die-hard belief that somewhere in my future I'll be a Dutton!"

Alisal Ranch

About the ranch:
Located in the heart of Santa Barbara Wine Country, Alisal Ranch offers guests a modern taste of the old west. Under the wide-open sky, their 10,500 acres provide endless inspiration for family-friendly adventures, romantic getaways, special events and so much more. 
Though Alisal Ranch today maintains a low profile, its focus on western-flavored hospitality + quality remains. The ranch welcomes visitors from all over the world - including the occasional celebrity. The cattlemen’s quarters that once fed hungry cowboys is home to one of the ranch's 6 restaurant experiences. Deer can be seen grazing often on Alisal Ranch’s 18-hole golf courses. Horses and cattle roam grass-covered hills that have changed little since the days of the Spanish vaquero.
The trip:
Jen and two members of our west coast team were invited to Alisal for some well deserved R+R on the ranch. The plans were to enjoy a beautiful dinner, breakfast the next day, a horseback ride and a tour of the property.

Breakfast @ Alisal Ranch

Jen being the casual chick she is arrived in her heart + stevie sweatsuit only to realize the dinner for the evening at the restaurant was more of an elevated ranch affair. Luckily, she'd packed her go-to blazer from Zara and was able to pair it with distressed denim, her classic green suede boots and our tyler crew which goes with everything.

Jen's outfit for dinner at Alisal Ranch
"One of my favorite parts of the trip was when we had some relaxing time by the amazing stone fireplace in my room to enjoy some evening cocktails. I am so glad I packed our new tri blend heather grey pieces, bey & jay - they pair really well with a good Manhattan and some great company! We got to sit around like teenagers at a slumber party and sip our cocktails 'till the wee hours of the morning."
Jen @ Alisal Ranch

The next morning Jen and the team started off on their tour and accompanying horse ride. They scouted all the places Jen wanted to see for their photo shoot - Jen's favorite being the Tac Room - completely undisturbed since the 1950's and smelling of old leather. Despite all of the beauty of the ranch, it truly was her favorite spot. 

Tack room @ Alisal Ranch

Jen also HIGHLY recommends taking the horse ride - especially in your inside-out lindsey hoodie! "It really is the only way to truly experience what it would have been like back then. It's just breathtaking!"

Horse ride @ Alisal Ranch

"This truly is an amazing property with a wonderful staff and after this experience, I'm even more obsessed! And needless to say, the entirety of our Spring 2023 campaign came into view as we toured - enough so that I even had our co-founder Lisa on Facetime pretty much the whole time. (Sorry Lisa!)